Saturn V

Our first SpaceRocket collection features the legendary Saturn V. In 1969 the Saturn V launched the Apollo 11 mission, also known as “The Moon Mission”. The rocket has a height of 110 meters and weighs 3000 tons! The rockets come in three different tiers, every tier has its own properties and is limited in supply. 

To celebrate this launch we have setup an UpViral campaign, the top 5 participants in this campaign receive a limited blueprint of the Saturn V. Make sure to sign-up to this campaign and share it with your friends to gain more points! The launch date will be announced once we reached 10.000 followers on twitter. This is very important for us, since OpenSea only verifies collections with more than 10.000 twitter followers. 

Win this limited blueprint by partaking in the UpViral campaign! (Worth 3 lottery Tickets)

Tier 1

  • Only three available
  • Golden Rocket Number
  • Guaranteed special edition GIF NFT
  • Ten Lottery Tickets 
  • 34% Chance of winning a Prize

Tier 2

  • Only seven available
  • Silver Rocket Number
  • Guaranteed special edition JPEG NFT
  • Five Lottery Tickets
  • 18% Chance of winning a Prize

Tier 3

  • Fourty available
  • Silver Rocket Number
  • Three Lottery Tickets
  • 12% Chance of winning a Prize

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