SpaceRockets Lottery

At SpaceRockets we love the surrealistic NFT Metaverse. It is all about finding the coolest, rarest, and most epic NFT’s.  And when you found your NFT, you buy it! However, we don’t want your journey to stop there. At SpaceRockets the journey STARTS when you bought your first rocket! When you own a rocket, you automatically join our amazing community, which we build together!

One of the first community activities is the SpaceRockets Lottery. This lottery will take place one week after launch and everyone who owns one or more SpaceRockets automatically joins. So make sure to be ready at Launch to get one! Tier 1 owners join with ten tickets, Tier 2 owners join with five tickets and Tier 3 owners join with three tickets. The lottery prize pool consists of: Three prizes in USDC + two special edition NFT’s in GIF format and three special edition NFT’s in JPEG format. These special edition NFT’s will have the same theme as the original series and will never be sold! So they are great to have (or sell) as a bundle with your original SpaceRocket!

  • Lottery one week after launch, every SpaceRocket owner joins automatically.
  • Three prizes in USDC + Five NFT prizes, 8 prizes in total.
  • 50 participants, 200 tickets.

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