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About SpaceRockets

At SpaceRockets we celebrate the greatest moments in space history and save them on-chain forever. Every two weeks we launch a new series featuring iconic rockets as the ' Giant Saturn V' or the 'Famous Space Shuttle'. A series will consist of a maximum of 50 unique collectibles divided over three different tiers. All NFT's are in GIF format, uniquely designed by hand and are living on the Ethereum Blockchain as ERC-721 token hosted on IPFS. Besides our launches, we also held lottery's where you can win special edition NFT's or great prizes in USDC! So buy a rocket and aim for the TreasureMoon.
See you at launch!

Every SpaceRocket series features an iconic rocket and is limited in supply. Once a series is launched the supply is finite and will never be expanded. Our first series features the Saturn V! Make sure to get one!

PS. Every series the launch price increases, so make sure to be early!
A rocket series consist of three different tiers, each tier has different properties.
- Tier 1 (T1): A T1 SpaceRocket is the most-rare rocket. Every series will only have three T1 rockets. They will have four objects in the background and a golden number on the rocket. A T1 rocket grands ten tickets for the lottery and a guaranteed special edition GIF NFT!
- Tier 2 (T2): A T2 SpaceRocket is a rare rocket. Every series will only have seven T2 rockets. They will have two objects in the background and a silver number on the rocket. A T2 rockets grands five tickets for the lottery and a guaranteed special edition JPEG NFT!
- Tier 3 (T3): A T3 SpaceRocket is a common rocket. Every series will have fourty T3 rockets. They will have three objects in the background and a bronze number on the rocket. A T3 rocket grands three tickets for the lottery!
Every SpaceRocket has a unique number and a unique flag on the rocket . The numbers are ranging from 1-50 and tell you what Tier the rocket is.
  • Tier 1: 1-3
  • Tier 2: 4-10
  • Tier 3: 11-50
  • One week after the launch of a new series we will held a lottery. Everyone who owns one or more rockets, automatically joins the lottery. In the lottery prize pool you will find prizes in $USDC and special editon NFT in GIF and JPEG format. The first lottery will have a total of 185 entries. More info will be added once available.
    SpaceRockets can be bought on our Opensea page. Opensea is the decentralized marketplace for NFT's and is very easy to use. Connect your wallet, load it with funds and buy the NFT you like!

    SpaceRockets can also be sold on Opensale. For every sale 2.5% commission is asked. 50% of this commission will be donated to a non-profit organization chosen by you, the community! The other 50% will be used to grow the project and for additional lottery's.
    Series 1

    Saturn V

    Our first SpaceRocket collection features the legendary Saturn V. In 1969 the Saturn V launched the Apollo 11 mission, also known as "The Moon Mission". The rocket has a height of 110 meters and weighs 3000 tons!
    This series will have 50 unique copies. The launch date will be announced after we reached 10.000 followers on Twitter.

    Shuttle Blueprint
    Series 2

    Space Shuttle

    The second collection of SpaceRockets features another iconic rocket, the "Space Shuttle". This rocket was in operation for over 30 years and launched more than 100 missions to space. It helped building the International Space Station (ISS) and brought the space telescope Hubble in orbit, which are both still in use!
    This Series will be launched two weeks after the Saturn V series. Stay Tuned!

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